Hospital security guards in London (UK) – Why is hospital security necessary?

Hospital security guards in London (UK) –  Why is hospital security necessary?

Hospital security guards in London are fully aware of the fact that hospitals are very valuable properties that contain a large amount of sophisticated appliances and machinery which has to be secured 24 hours a day. They also have one or more pharmacies which is stocked with very potent pharmaceutical products which will always be very attractive to criminal organizations because of the value of these pharmaceutical products. There is also the safety of hospital patients which has to be considered and therefore hospital security guards in London really have a very big responsibility in ensuring the safety of patients and hospital property. I believe that hospital security guards in London should not only be security trained but they should also have at least a basic understanding of trauma and how it can affect individuals.

Why is trauma so problematic?

Hospital security guards in London should know that no two people respond to severe trauma in the same way and some people can really lose all objectivity when they have to look at the suffering of family or friends and they are totally unable to do anything about that situation. Especially of such a critical ill patient is a wife or husband or a child it is difficult to predict how that traumatized person may react. Although the person may be doing something which is totally illegal it should be acknowledged that they are not currently reacting normally but they are suffering from severe trauma and hospital security guards in London really has to treat this people firmly but with compassion and they should provide medical care should that become necessary.

Who qualifies to be a security guard?

Naturally hospital security guards in London has to be well-trained security personnel that fully understands all of the laws of the current government and who knows how to enforce those laws. But they also have to understand how trauma can affect people and they should make some allowance for that. A person who is in the throes of severe trauma because of the loss of a marriage partner or a child should never be treated roughly regardless of what they have done but every attempt should be made to accommodate those people and to show at least some compassion with them in their difficult situation. They should always remember that they themselves are also subject to physical illness and other weaknesses which may also require medical care.

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