Hospital security in London (UK)

What is ransomware?


A new threat has been encountered since the beginning of 2016 when there has been a significant increase in the number of extortion attempts and hospital security in London will have to find a way to deal with such a possible attack. Ransomware is a kind of malware that is able to lock down sensitive files especially on a healthcare network and then extortionists will demand payment in the form of bitcoin before those files is unlocked. This is why hotel security in London will have to prepare for such a situation and therefore attention will have to be given to IT security in order to ensure that healthcare installations will remain secure. Although most of the situations have taken place in the US there is increasing concern about the vulnerability of UK hospitals.

How is systems infected?


It is very difficult to detect a possible cyber-attack and most of your average hospital personnel have no idea how to avoid these kind of attacks. This is why hospital security in London will have to do everything possible to inform and educate hospital personnel regarding this issue. Hospital networks can be infected simply by opening a socially engineered invoice or sometimes referral letters has hidden malware and this can quickly lead to a complete infection of the system. Even more troublesome is the fact that even patients could be endangered by such breakdowns in the system. Hospital security in London have to do everything possible to avoid such a situation from taking place. There can be no doubt that hospitals in the UK is just as vulnerable as those anywhere else on the planet.

Why is this so?


The reality is that UK hospitals is in possession of very valuable data which could make it necessary to yield to extortion attempts, rather than to lose that data. Hospital security in London is fully aware of the fact that all hospitals in the UK is part of the critical infrastructure of this country and therefore they will always be very important targets for attackers and ideologists with only one purpose and that is to destroy in order to achieve their goals. Even more troublesome is the fact that some of them is prepared to do this for publicity and they are not interested in monetary rewards. This is why hospital security in London really have to remain on guard at all times in order to ensure the safety of people and property in UK hospitals.




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