How to be a security guard?

Which people will qualify to be security guards?

Over the last couple of decades many security companies have shown a tendency to employ people that have been involved in either law enforcement or in a military capacity. Although the training which this people have received may be of benefit to a security company it does not necessarily mean that these people have the required mindset to excel as security guards. It often happens that a person who has been in the military and who has switched to a security career might find the security industry to be tedious and totally uninteresting. These people crave the excitement and the adrenaline rush which they had experienced while in active military duty. Although they may go through the motions they never really settle successfully with in the security industry and in certain cases they actually cause a lot of trouble. I have known someone who have been employed by a security company where there was a so-called sergeant major who was responsible for security parades. However because of this person’s military training and his knowledge of how parades are conducted he simply was unable to respect this sergeant major who was obviously a novice in parade procedures.

Qualifications of a security guard

In my opinion the best way to determine whether a person are indeed qualified to be a security guard there has to be an selection process which make use of some form of test of suitability. A security guard should be a very patient person but they must also be able to make snap decisions and they should be able to analyze a possible risk situation and exactly which actions should be taken in order to contain that situation. The question of how to become a security guard does not have a simple answer because there are different levels of security guards and each will require a different mindset in order to effectively perform the duties which are required. There may be some security guards who will be required to protect property which is relatively isolated and which is therefore not frequented by a lot of people and therefore such security guard may be alone a lot of the time which will not necessarily suit all personalities. On the other hand a security guard may be employed at a very busy manufacturing plant which will require specialized skills to deal with all of the responsibilities required from them.

Is security training adequate?

How to be an excellent security guards is something which will be determined by the level of security training which has been received. A lot of knowledge about criminal activities and the risks which are facing the industry has been discovered over the last couple of decades and it will be those security training institutions which have succeeded in comprehensively covering all of those factors which will be most successful in producing security guards who will have an adequate level of competence to deal with the challenges of their profession.

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