How to protect your home from robbery

The best way to avoid robbery is not to possess anything.

Ancient ascetic wise men formulated this phrase. We won’t indulge in this philosophic argument and is better tell you how to protect property which is in plenty of inhabitants of suburban communities.

It is usually enough to have a solid front door, a concierge at the entrance and alarm system which will inform the security company of a robbery in case the first two things are not enough for the owner of a town apartment. However, it is different when you live in a country home far from the town. In that case it is better to think of more reliable modern multilevel security system.

A private house surrounded by a blind fence can be much easier to rob a house which is easily visible from each side. It means that in the latter case the neighbours can notice something wrong and call the security agency or police. In the first case the intruder can easily climb over the fence and make themselves at home.

Fence intruder detection (or FID) is considered to be one type of security alarm systems which we will discuss below.

There are a great variety of FID systems such as capacitive, vibrational, radio ray and infra-red ones. The principle of operation of capacitive systems is quite easy. The parameterisation of the electric field changes when the intruder approaches or touches something.  Technically, the system is basically an electrical circuit (system of conductors, grid and so on) linked to a controlling unit. If the capacity to ground changes (for example, when approaching or touching the conductor), the alarm turns on. Capacitive systems are usually used for long length fencing.

A special sensor cable, or an electromagnetic microphone is a basis of vibrational systems. When a cable vibrates, the generation of audio signals start. Analysers attached to a cable informs them about it. Then, it is possible to listen to the signal and decide if there is a danger or just a random noise. Vibrational fence intruder detection systems are used for different types of fencing from light ones to brick walls and fences.
It is also important to install volume change sensors (usually infra-red) which react to the movement of live objects. Security systems of this type are usually equipped with a fire alarm as the centre panels of the security system fulfil the functions of information gathering from fire and smoke sensors.

In comparison with fire and leak sensors which are in operation 24/7, the intruder detection sensors carry out their duties only after the system is turned on by a user.
You can turn the alarm on by calling the operator or via radio channel which is more convenient. In that case you have to dial a secret code on the control panel or press the button on a special fob (such as car fob).

While choosing detectors and sensors for home and the territory around it, it is important to specify their operating conditions. The sensors should not react on the movements of birds and animals, heavy rain or snow falling from the roof in order to reduce false calls to security agencies. Luckily, there are special sensors nowadays which contain complex algorithms of statistical analysis. These sensors allow the system to ignore small and medium animals and have good interference suppression.

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