Kidnapping in London

Kidnapping happens regularly
When you look at newspaper reports over the last couple of years you will quickly see that criminal activities revolving around kidnapping is something which is a frequent occurrence in our society. The surprising thing is that it is not only high profile celebrities which are subjected to this kind of treatment but very often it is normal people in our society who become victims to people with criminal intent. Only last year there was a report in the British media about the man who was convicted after the kidnapping of a British woman. Although the culprit for fled to India he was eventually returned to this country after an extradition request has succeeded. On top of the kidnapping charges it was also determined that the woman was sexually exploited by the kidnapper. This only proves once again that kidnapping is a very real threat in this country and there are many people who are able to find the strangest motivations for getting involved in this type of criminal activity.
Kidnappers are often brutal
The woman in question was threatened with a knife and was left with no other choice but to cooperate with this criminal. The horrific truth is that we live in a very violent community where there are many people who do not shrink back from violence and they have no problem with threatening people’s lives in order to advance themselves. The uncomfortable reality is that absolutely no individual are complete the safe especially with the flourishing human trade which are going on all over the globe. Every year thousands of especially young woman are tempted from their home countries with all kinds of lucrative promises but when they arrive at their destination they find that they have been deluded and they then are often forced to engage in sexual activities which has only one objective and that is to enrich the kidnappers.
What can a person do?
Because we live in a world where privacy are a very high priority in our lives and therefore we do not like to share lots of information about ourselves with other people. The problem is that in the event of a kidnapping incident there are very little information which could be followed up by police and other law enforcement agencies. Therefore it is considerably better to let your family or colleagues know where you are going to at any specific moment in time since that will at least provide law enforcement agencies with a viable starting point when an investigation are started.

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