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A threat could come from any quarter
The irony is that a person could be threatened by another individual or a corporation based on literally dozens of factors. It may be something like a marriage relationship which has deteriorated because of a person’s involvement with one of the marriage partners. Rejection and unfaithfulness could lead to serious retribution by the party who has been rejected or who has been the victim of such abuse or rejection. Such a wronged individual especially when they have the financial means could go to extreme ends to get their revenge against the person whom they are holding accountable for the situation where in they find themselves. The person who has now become the target of that revenge will often have no other choice but to contact a London close protection services company in order to obtain protection against possible attacks.
The arena of corporate competitiveness
With the frequent emergence of technological advances which are encounter basically daily and which may have a very large impact upon a specific industry, there are many corporations which are viewing such technological developments as a threat to their survival. Therefore any scientists or electronic engineer or microbiologist who is on the brink of discovering a new technology could potentially become a target of criminal activity in order to prevent such a person from making that expected break through. Depending on the impact which such a new development or discovery may have on the industry any other corporation with in the industry may be at risk and may lose its technological edge in such an industry. That is why a corporation which might feel that they are threatened by such a discovery may resort to drastic measures in order to protect their market share. The target of such criminal activity will have to contact a London close protection services company in order to obtain protection.
It is sometimes difficult to know with whom you are associating
It is a well-known fact that some of the most prominent criminal organizations are hiding their criminal activities behind fake companies and therefore it may not be initially clear to an individual or corporation whom they are dealing with. Such knowledge may only become apparent after several months and sometimes years. However any disagreement between the parties who are involved in any specific business deal may trigger reactions which might come as a total surprise to a person or company who are dealing with those shell companies who are in fact owned by organized crime syndicates. Such individuals or corporations will have no other choice but to contact a London close protection services company with the necessary experience to deal with such a serious situation.

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