London retail losses? Make them History!

Our pledge and mission statement to our clients guarantees a proactive approach in protecting and safeguarding their property, staff and customers. If you need an appraisal to your present security measures, or require a respected and experienced retail security firm to plan a security system for you. One Staff Solutions will have the solution by proposing the ultimate protection package and procedures that are available today.

Each retail outlet differs to its security requirements, as there are many variables to consider; our considerable knowledge in affecting an effective retail security plan for your business.

All retail outlets have their specific conditions that can affect their protection. This is why we would assess our particular needs and plan a strategic plan for your particular retail outlet.  Regardless to your requirement be it static security guard or covert guards that roam your department store, protecting your commercial enterprise is our business; protect it the One Staff Solutions way.

Shoplifting; is a common crime that costs retail merchants many millions each year. Shopping centres that contain individual outlets that can vary greatly; what they do have collectively is opportunity for shoplifters to implement their illegal acts.

There are many reasons for requiring a security presence; no one needs to tell you what it’s costing your business now; it’s enough for you to be looking to eliminate it.

Retail security London embraces an assortment of services; the common and most beneficial protection answer we offer to retail outlet is static security guards, they can be uniformed or plain clothed. These are fundamentally regular security guards. They patrol your shop-floor and act as a visible impediment. Or perhaps you feel your store does not require a full time security guard; we have an alternative option. Remotely operated surveillance system can be installed. The one advantage that surveillance systems have is that a visual record is kept and can if required can be used as evidence in criminal proceedings.

Do not settle for a second rate, budget security company when it comes to the security of you retail outlet.

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