London Retail Security Guards

With approximately 8.3 million people residing in London and this does not include the millions of visitors that come to the capital every year. And with the amount of jobless, is no wonder that of the crime rate is increasing.

Many visit the capital for its diversified and prestigious shopping outlets; like elsewhere in the United Kingdom London has its portion of crime.

Bearing this in mind, as a retail business organisation it’s essential that you’ve thought of the benefits of a proficient and experienced retail security guard company to protect

With retail crime climbing to an all time high soaring by almost 16% during the past year and costing businesses 1.6 billion pounds. For this reason we are proud to be competent in offering you a security service that is second to none, right through out the city and areas of Greater London

Each of our clients requirement differ from others, therefore we will design a security solution especially for your business. We appreciate that no retail outlet has the same circumstances; this is the reason that we are able to provide an advanced and experienced plan to your security measures at a price that is unrivalled.

Burglary and shoplifting especially, jeopardises the retail sector, with each store in a price war it is more important that losses through criminal acts are reduced. The statistics demonstrates precisely how crucial it is for security guards to be experienced and aware

At One Staff Solutions, we take pride in our ability to be one step ahead of pilfering by employees and shoplifters. Our professional and experienced retail security guards have the awareness and ability to analyse the actions of individual shoppers and are able to spot possible shoplifters.

Regardless if you own a large shopping precinct or a small shop we are able to design a security system that will benefit your retail outlet and ensure that you are protected.

Instead of being an additional drain on your resources and budget you will quickly come to the conclusion to how cost effective a professional and experienced security system provided by One Staff Solutions can be. Presenting a cost efficient visible prevention against criminals; ensuring that your retail outlet will always be protected.


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