London security guards (UK)

Why is security important?

London has some of the most expensive office space available anywhere on the planet, costing as much as 500 pounds per square foot and this includes all kinds of benefits as well as London security guards which is responsible to ensure the safety of people and property. There is a newly refurbished property in the center of Mayfair which has a total of 6000 ft.² available and this property also has a marble staircase, gold toilets and upmarket restaurant all of which is available for those who are willing to pay the exorbitant rent. This is not something which will be affordable to your average business and it’s only the most successful Corporation which will be able to set up shop in this lucrative property with 24 hour London security guards to maintain law and order.

Where is this property?

For those who would like luxury and prestige, they should visit 54 Brooks mews. The executive washroom is gold-plated and apparently the inspiration comes from the Armani hotel in Italy. The flooring in this upmarket office property apparently comes from a 16th-century monastery in Tuscany. Naturally all of this opulence requires 24 hour London security guards in order to ensure that none of the property ends up in the hands of criminals. Apparently the property market in Mayfair has always been on the expensive side with the average family home selling for anything between 5 million and 100 million pounds. People living in such luxury should therefore also has offices which compares with the opulence which they have at home. Without London security guards such an investment could be at serious risk.

What else could be obtained?

Apparently the director’s floor includes the rooftop terrace where an outside meeting place is available as well as a dining table. The kitchens of every office has been fitted with a special food lift which has been connected with the French restaurant on the ground floor. With such an operation security is always extremely important and this is why London security guards is working around-the-clock to ensure the safety of people and property. Millions of pounds has been invested to obtain only the best and to ensure that tenants have everything they need. Office space in this property will cost approximately 250,000 pounds per year and once again 24 hour London security guards is part of the benefits.

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