London static security guards

We all can recall the effects of demonstrations in the Capital and how easily they can become out of control. Obviously many of the damaged building did not have adequate security measure on the premises. This clearly showed the importance of having a reliable and experience security company protecting you premises and assets.

One Staff Solutions retain only the most reliable and professional static guards with them guarding your property and investment you can rest assured that you will have the most superlative security available to you.

Regardless if you’re small concern or a large business organisation our static guards are able to defend and protect your property from those wishing to exploit its weak security All our guards are fully experienced in their field and all, as required by law are certified SIA guards.

Although static guards indicates that they are unmoving, but they will conduct random foot patrols of their allocated area of responsibility. These; patrols are random, in order not to determine a pattern for the criminal to observe.  Knowing this, potential criminals are less likely to consider pilfering or shoplifting from your store.

Our static guards are all extremely dynamic, and are persistently alert at all times. Their assignment can be arranged and organised to your requirements and a important member of your staff.  Whether it be rendering other service as concierge and customer information; as well as their primary duty, to protect your interest and property.

Crime in the business sector has increased in the past years. The riots in the capital showed how devastating it was in having insufficient security on the business premises that were attacked, burnt and looted. The result will sustain a lasting effect on your business and the livelihood of your staff. One Staff Solutions are professionals at protecting business concerns regardless to their size. You are just one telephone call away from having complete protection and security for your business. We will without obligation conduct an assessment of your present security; if any and supply you with a written report with our recommendations and the course of action required to ensure your property, merchandise and staff are fully secured and protected.

Call us and enquire how beneficial and cost effective One Staff Solutions static guards are.

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