Money will mostly be the motivation for kidnapping

What would make a person a target for kidnappers?
It should be quite obvious that unless there are some kind of financial reward involved in kidnapping then there are really no sense in such a kidnapping. There may be exceptions such as the kidnapping of the child of a law enforcement officer who are on the brink of discovering conclusive evidence in a very large criminal case. Such a child may then be kidnapped in order to prevent such an officer from continuing with such an investigation. There will also be some cases where especially young women will be kidnapped as objects of sexual escapades. However in most kidnapping cases the primary motivation for such a criminal act will be a substantial financial compensation.
The case of Mary McElroy
This lady was the daughter of the city manager of Kansas City in 1930 and one night while she was taking a bath four men gained access to their home and used a firearm to force Mary to accompany them. She was eventually released two days later after a sum of $30,000 had been paid for her release. However she acted very strangely after this ordeal and she refused to cooperate with prosecutors and she even publicly expressed support for the kidnappers and even tried to influence the death conviction of the mastermind of that kidnapping. She had several mental breakdowns over the years and eventually the results of that ordeal have proven to be too much to bear and she eventually committed suicide. The note which she left simply said that the only people who did not treat her as a fool were her kidnappers.
The reality is that possessions may cause people to be targeted
We live in economically tough times which are sometimes forcing people to turn to criminal activities in order to relief the financial pressure which they are encountering. For such people it may be very easy to observe the obvious affluence which are enjoyed by other people and then to compare with the very little which they have. When such comparisons are frequently made a point may eventually be reached where such a criminal will justify such a kidnapping and may continue to commit such a crime. However they do not stop to contemplate the effects which such trauma could have on the victim of such a crime. Sometimes such a victim is never able to completely come to terms with such a traumatic experience.

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