Murder is a daily occurrence in the nation’s capital

The uncomfortable reality is a murder may happen close to you today
In a city with a large population density there is a strong possibility that a murder may happen extremely close to where you are going to be today. This is an uncomfortable reality because within a 100 m² area there are literally thousands of people at any particular time and because of human nature there are hundreds of possible conflicts which could end in violence. Earlier this week there was the case of a 50-year-old man which has been murdered in Acton and extensive investigations are being conducted in an attempt to resolve that crime. That is not all a mere two days before that event another man has brutally murder his ex-wife. Another unfortunate male was stabbed to death in Neasden. And there are many such events taking place all over this city where lives are terminated well before their allotted time. There are many people within London whose chances to be a victim of criminal activity are better than their chances to win the lottery.
What can be done to stay safe?
You need to carefully analyze your place of residence in order to ensure that it is as safe as possible and that it is able to resist any attempts by criminals to gain access to your home. When necessary it might be wise to obtain the services of a security specialist in order to determine which things has to be done in order to ensure that your home is a safe place to live in. Regardless of the safety measures which might have been implemented in your family home a lot will depend on the habits of your family. Effective security is essentially a mindset and it will require incessant disciplined, persistence and vigilance. The slightest oversight might put the whole family at risk and might lead to severe physical injury or even death. Statistics shows that a very large percentage of murders are committed by people who are known to the family.
Some important guidelines that should be remembered
Do not go to places where you may be at risk when you are alone rather go in a group and while at such a venue ask a friend to accompany when you use the bathrooms. Do not leave your drinks unattended it only takes a second to contaminate that drink with a harmful substance. Many women are drugged in this way where after they are raped and murdered. Personal safety are the primary responsibility of every human being and when you are not careful about your physical well-being you may become yet another statistic.

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