Murder is a very old crime

The senseless murder of Abel
Both the Jews and the Christians accept that the first murder ever committed was the murder of Abel by the hand of his brother Cain. When one considers the reasons for this murder it is quickly observed how essentially senseless this murder actually was. Both were required to make a sacrifice and it is clear from the Scriptures that both of them understood that guidelines for that sacrifice. Abel obeyed while Cain disregarded those guidelines and the result was that his sacrifice was rejected while Abel’s was accepted. Instead of complying with the guidelines Cain chose to murder his brother. A very high percentage of murders today are committed based on these same simple principles. People want to live life by their own rules and they do not want to compete for success and therefore rather than competing they simply eliminate the competition.
Throughout history this scenario persistent
From the highest noble families to the lowest peasants millions have been brutally murdered just because they had sometimes unknowingly stepped on someone’s toes. Some were murdered because their wives were prettier than the ones of their friends or family members. Others were murdered because they were more successful than their friends or family. In a very large percentage of those murders the reasons for that violence were often difficult to understand because people were eliminated for the smallest provocation. In many of those cases the provocation only existed in the mind of the murderers. This is a tendency which are still observed in our modern times and when the value of the possessions of the murdered person is observed it soon becomes obvious that the initial motivation was not necessarily robbery but rather an addiction to violence and the desire to cause pain and torment.
Civilized people is no different from brutal savages
Civilized people may be more sophisticated in the planning of a specific murder but the motivations and bloodlust is just as strong as it has been when Cain murdered Abel. There is a basic flaw running right through the genetic pool and statistics seem to indicate that no one is completely immune against this genetic flaw. It seems if there are sufficient provocation and a substantial threat exist which may endanger their social standing or the financial position of a person they will not hesitate to eliminate that threat by murdering the person who are standing in the way.

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