Night security in London (UK) – Does a lot of lights prevent crime?

Night security in London (UK) – Does a lot of lights prevent crime?

There is an assumption among many people that sufficient use of bright light will result in a decrease in criminal activities but any experienced night security in London officer will tell you that this is a misconception. Studies which has been done has clearly shown that experimenting with bright light in problem areas of a city actually leads to increase in criminal activity and also to more vandalism. The reality is that over 60% of criminal activities takes place during the day and not at night as most people assume. Just like law-abiding citizens criminals also are more comfortable when they have sufficient light in which to operate. Therefore night security in London officers are advising homeowners to determine what factors is making their homes attractive to criminals during the day and then they should find a solution for day time crimes and whatever solution they find will also keep criminals away at night.

Experimenting with lights

Experiments were done in dangerous and dark alleys and bright light were installed to see what effect they would have upon criminal actions. These extra lights resulted in more violent crimes such as murder, rape and assault, in fact these things increased by 32%. Likewise breaking and entering as well as theft out of motor vehicles increased by 77% and even prostitution and drug dealing increased by 40%. However during this experiment daytime crime decrease by 23% during the same period. This is amazing statistics but night security in London officers are fully aware of the significance and they also know that this does not mean that criminals will not take opportunities when they become available.

Is night security really necessary?

Even with this above statistics 37% of all criminal activities still takes place at night and this is why night security in London is very important to protect property and people against criminal activities. It is also a well-known fact that the city of London does not sleep at night but there is an extraordinary amount of activities which continues during nighttime hours. Many businesses is open 24 hours and they will always require night security in London officers to protect them against criminals. Businesses should only ensure that the night security in London officers which they employ are well-trained and that they have the necessary expertise to deal with any situation which is encountered.





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