Nightclub security in London (UK)

Nightclub security in London (UK)  – What exactly is the function of nightclub security?

Many people do not have a positive view of nightclub security in London because of past experiences where they have witnessed firsthand how people were thrown out of nightclubs by these nightclub security personnel. Therefore many people associate nightclub security in London with excessive violence and they see these people as glorified criminals because of their tendency to break the law under the disguise of nightclub security. Many of them has seen people seriously hurt and in some cases those injuries has resulted in death and in some cases the violence wasn’t really necessary to resolve the situation. The regulations which applies to the nightclub security industry stipulates that no nightclub security in London officer should ever manhandle any client unless it is in self-defense or if there is reason to arrest that person for some form of misconduct. What would happen to a normal business if they used bouncers to forcefully eject people from their businesses?

Is nightclubs essentially different from other businesses?

Basically both your average business and the night club have only one primary objective and that is to generate a profit. The problem is most people coming to an average business will behave themselves properly unless there is some frustration regarding services or products and the customer does not get the right response from that business but besides that most customers will behave in an acceptable manner. This may not be always true in the situations which is handled by nightclub security in London because an essential element associated with nightclubs is the abuse of alcohol and sometimes other illegal substances. Some nightclub security in London is very aware of the affect which these substances can have on people and how dangerous they can become when action is taken against them. That is why it is sometimes better to remove a problematic customer before the situation completely gets out of hand.

Who can become nightclub security officers?

It is preferable that nightclub security in London officers are people that come out of the law enforcement environment or out of the military. Alternatively they should at least have adequate training as a security officer and they should know the laws which apply when making a citizen’s arrest. They should be people that have lots of patience but they should also have the ability to read a situation and to take decisive action when it becomes clear that a situation is developing which could endanger lives or property.




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