Obtaining Your SIA Security permit

As always the first thing to do above all else is check your eligibility to obtain an SIA licence. Again and again applicants do not bother to check their eligibility for a permit then after passing their training course and paying the cost of the permit they’re rejected because they have a criminal record. They not only lose the cost of their permit, but also would have paid for their training that is now useless. Prior to applying for whatever variant of training inside the industry, that you have checkout your eligibility by applying to the SIA Criminal Record Indicator to check if there are any adverse reasons why you would not be accepted. Additional items to turn over are:

– It is essential that you are over 18 years old
– You must be a British citizen, or have a work permit for the United Kingdom
Working long hours is normal (a normal shift is twelve hours)
– You are likely to be working alone; it can be a very lonesome line of work
– Salary is variable, between minimum wage and £15 per hour (whilst the majority Security Guard employment pays the minimum or just over)
– It will be required that you are fit and healthy

Upon deciding which Security Firm you wish to join, you will need to take the minimum of 27 hours of training, for and knowledge of the work. Three primary subjects you will learn are;
– Operating in the Private Security Industry
– Working as a Security Guard
– Dispute Management for the Private Security Industry

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