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What makes a criminal?


This is a question which has been asked millions of times over the last couple of centuries by people all over the planet and also by office security in London. It will be very easy to simplify the answer to this question by simply saying that when someone commits a crime then they become a criminal. Or someone could say that any time when a person is doing something which is contrary to the laws of a country then they are a criminal. However the issue is a lot more complicated than that and it still does not answer the question, why do people commit illegal activities. This certainly does not mean that legislation is always perfect or serves the best interests of everyone. Nevertheless office security in London is committed to uphold the laws of the country.

How the laws should be interpreted?


The problem is that not everyone which is branded as a criminal may rightfully deserve that title and there is a lot of people will dispute the question of criminality. There is the issue of substance abuse, something which office security in London frequently encounters and according to the law anyone who uses drugs is criminal according to the law. The problem is many people get involved with things like pot for completely innocent reasons and they do not necessarily have the intention to break the law but because those things are prohibited by legislation they are now branded as criminals in this country. Office security in London fully understands the fact that many of this people do not necessarily have any intention to commit a crime nevertheless their drug habit is bringing them into conflict with the laws of the country.

Are all laws just and fair?


Office security in London and most other law enforcement agencies are in agreement that the laws of the country is there for a very specific reason and that is to protect everyone equally and to keep them out of harm’s way, but there are many people who feel that legislation sometimes go too far. Sometimes legislation makes criminals out of people who are partaking in an activity which has the potential to cause injury to that person or someone else without respecting the person’s right to consent to the activity which is being taken part in. Nevertheless office security in London has the responsibility to uphold the laws of the country, not to redefine them.


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