One Staff Solutions Ltd for Dependable Commercial Security Officers

With the ongoing economic so unstable Britain’s corporate sector is being affected the most with many business organisations closing down. Managing your business organisation, without doubt you have already endured significant losses during the past few years whether these have been by personnel or budget cut backs. And certainly your business can well do without further losses due to pilfering, or any other illegal activity.

If you do not have any professional security, it’s even more imperative to contact One Staff Solutions, to ensure you’ve all the protective cover you require when it comes to the safekeeping of your property, staff and any visitors to your premises safe. A corporation’s assets and staff are exceedingly important and fundamental to your business organisation.

A survey and corporate security appraisal of possible exposures ought to be part of any prudent business organisation. Many issues that are habitually missed can result in a business enterprise undefended against theft and vandalism. So if you would like to have a secure commercial environment that not merely keeps your employees safe, but imparts peace of mind, contact us today for a free with no obligation quotation.

At One Staff Solutions our group of professional and committed security officers to work 24/7 dependent on when you are at risk most. All our officers undergo exhaustive training and robust examinations, we are proud to state that all of our security officers have the skills and expertise to handle any difficult situation. We offer an all inclusive service designed especially for your requirements. These include, but not limited to, concierge duties and video surveillance monitoring either on site or remotely. We acknowledge the dual roles between security and concierge duties. Above all, we realise that our officers would be ambassadors for your establishment.

We’ll be happy to assist you conducting an appraisal of your security needs and work with you to formulate and apply improved security processes.
Premises that are subject to threats from vandals and criminals, the simple existence of a visible security officer, inside or outdoors of your premises will establish the deterrent that you require. Our security officers can verify precisely who comes in and departs your establishment. You can be confident that no unwelcome visitors will intrude your building with the purpose of causing mayhem in your building.
Now you have a choice. Contact One Staff Solutions today and soon you can have the peace of mind that your business is protected, by the number one corporate security company in London.

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