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Whether your business enterprises are little or a big financial institution with a large staff there’s one matter that is essential to study, the advantages and peace of mind that are obtainable when you engage a security company. The safety and security of your staff, customers, and the economic value of your merchandise and equipment are believably, the most fundamental items you would like to protect.
When you choose your security with One Staff Solutions you can anticipate much more than just this. We go further than just loss prevention and a efficient visible deterrent, our security officers have the skilled knowledge and know how enabling us to deploy a completely structured answer for your enterprise.

Security for businesses and the Public Sector

Financial business enterprises in London’s business centre are not immune to crime and it is essential that these institutions are protected. Additionally we also protect corporate industries and the public sector. These are utterly central to the daily functioning of the nation. Operating within the changes to industry rules and statute law, One Staff Solutions are able to provide you the professional image that your business organisation banks on while assuring you of our most effective degree of protection at completely.

All our officers are highly professional and certified in the Security Industry. We have maintained the highest standards of conduct from our officers and require all to be well groomed and respectable at all times.

All One Staff Solutions officers are trained to behave in a professional and proactive. Each officer is friendly, immaculately dressed. They are chosen upon their individual abilities. Our corporate training provides all our officers with the ultimate degrees of dependability and punctuality.

Securing your construction site in London

We’re perpetually being assured that, it will be our building industry that will take us out of the deep recession we are presently enduring. Perceiving the threats that are frequently presented to the construction industry, particularly during night time and at weekends when your site becomes most vulnerable to criminals. We realise the financial loss and probable damage if there is a security breach. This is where One Staff Solutions can help. We can design a security package to suit your business and requirements. Placing all that’s of paramount importance to you at the heart of our made-to-order service, we are able to render a full structured building site protection for utmost security, 24 hours, should this be your what your site demand.

Protection of Retail Properties

Most of us enjoy a little shopping at times in London. But it is not entirely joyous for retail merchants who struggle every day in the fight against criminals and varied acts of larceny, especially shoplifting. This is among the most often committed crime in the UK by both shoppers and staff. Providing a visual deterrent such as officers from One Staff Solutions will watch your business as if it were their own. Their proficient knowledge and experience to render multiple role capabilities. From monitoring surveillance cameras to roving security and covert loss prevention officers, these are normally multi-function tasks this not only maximises the effectiveness of our officers, but is also cost saving.

One Staff Solutions security officers at a well known department store in London lately were faced with a with a shoplifting problem, while watching the security system that was monitoring the shop floor in the clothing section. Our officer noticed a suspicious activity by one of the shoppers. One of our officers arrived at checkout as the woman approached the cashier to make a purchase. Our officer started a telephone conversation with the other officer regarding the situation. Our officer apparently was causing her to be uneasy, although he merely stood near the desk, the woman removed an item from her handbag and said, I did not intend to take this, and I am returning it. As the woman had not left the shop with the items no legal action was required.

The store manager was happy to see that One Staff Solutions officers were available and effective.

Industrial and Factory Security in London

We provide all levels of security for our industrial customers whether we’re verifying admittance at reception of your installation, or supplying stock control through reckoning incoming and outgoing products, we acknowledge how crucial it is for accuracy and efficiency in executing our functions. We regard our officers as part of your team; we endeavour to assist you in accomplishing your agenda, from secrecy to stock protection, transport confirmation.

United Kingdom trusts steadfastly upon its manufacturing industries. A breach in your factory security could put you back substantially. Bearing this in mind and giving consideration to the benefits that your business organisation can draw from a bespoke security solution, that will give protection and the wellbeing of your staff, clients and let alone the economic value of your inventory and machinery. We’ll put your commercial enterprise at the core of our efforts to assure that you will always receive an outstanding security solution.

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