Operation Hydrous by SIA

In cooperation with our enforcement colleagues this recently shows how effective our cooperating with each other can be. This can only benefit the community and its interests. We’ll continue to operate in this manner to insure the general populace is protected during their work and leisure time.

Recently a number of SIA personnel were engaged in operations in concert with one or more of our enforcement colleagues in the London and Yorkshire regions.

Operation Hydrous was planned and orchestrated by SIA personnel and South Yorkshire police force with support of the charity Crime stoppers. Being two primary proposes for the operation. Initially it was to ascertain that security personnel and their employers were bearing a legitimate SIA permit and fulfilling permit requirements. The second comprised to render a overt presence in townships to persuade the public to inform of any protection officers operating without an SIA permit or in violation of licensing terms.

In total 157 verifications were carried out, 155 of the operatives were found to be in possession of properly licensed documentation and operating lawfully. Two of the personnel checked were discovered to be unlicensed; one of them had his permit suspended. In consequence to a police revelation that he had applied undue forcefulness while employed as a entrance guard. Another operator was surmised to being an unlicensed employer of his own in-house door staff. The police as well located and arrested an entrance security guard, who was being sought for undischarged offenses. There were other minor infringements also uncovered and warnings were given

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