Our male security guards officers

Our male or female security officers are both well trained and SIA accredited. The choice is simply one of preference and the requirements of our contract with a company. There can be no doubt that in certain situations perhaps male officers are more suited; each has a role to play within the security industry.

For clients whose cultural or religious beliefs demand particular officer, we can assign male or female officers to meet their requirements.

Protection is what our male security officers are assigned to fulfil; each are first aid trained and professionally certified in the security industry. You can not make a better choice than a One Staff Solutions security officer; once you have experienced our superlative service, you will concur this statement.

We provide many varied security alternatives again this is dependant on preference and the tasks involved. Both of our male or female security officers come in the form of mobile to static patrols.

If engaging a static security officer is beyond your company’s budget, there are many alternatives that we can propose; for instance how about utilising our mobile patrol service. They are ready in a moments notice to attend to any incident on your property and prove to be relatively inexpensive, whenever you do not possess the facilities of maintaining your own personnel on your premises.

Whenever you are seeking a particular gender of security guard we encourage you to get in touch with us for a free no obligation consultation.


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