Party security

Don’t announce your party on Facebook
A young girl that recently turned 16 advertised her birthday party on Facebook. The event was scheduled to take place in a local community center which is also used as a restaurant. The problem was 60 uninvited guests came to her party and caused a whole lot of trouble and the single bouncer which acted as the party security were unable to control the crowd. The police was eventually called and they were thrown with bottles and the uninvited guests refused to leave. They even ate a large portion of the food and drank the soft drinks that was served at the party. Chairs and other furniture were also thrown around. The owner of the community center was totally shocked at what had happened and he also regretted the fact that there were only one bouncer on-duty but they never expected all the trouble. He has only agreed to the use of the venue because of his friendship with the mother of the birthday girl.
Be very careful with your invitations
It is better not to make use of social media when you are planning a birthday party because you simply do not know how many people may become aware of your plans. You should also only invite people with whom you are properly acquainted and of whom you are reasonably sure that they will not start trouble on your party. Depending on the size of your party and also the accessibility it is sometimes safer to make use of party security in order to prevent any disruptions from taking place. Any birthday party is a very special event which are organized in order to honor the person whose birthday is. Only uncivilized hooligans will interfere at such an event.
It will probably depend on the location
If the neighborhood where the party is going to be taking place are suspect in any way it is always better to take appropriate action in order to ensure that all those who attend are safe. Party security could help to ensure the safety of everyone present. It will always be helpful when the venue can be sealed when any trouble is detected. There was another incident recently where people that have been invited to the party were involved in criminal activity outside of the birthday venue which resulted in a situation where the police entered the venue in order to apprehend the guilty people. Unfortunately the whole party was severely disrupted.

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