Perimeter security in London (UK)

How effective is perimeters?


There is a scripture which says, He who no control over his own spirit is like a city broken down without walls, and this probably explains the importance of perimeters and also the need for perimeter security in London. The fact is perimeters has been used for thousands of years to protect towns and other properties and in those days very strong stone walls had been used and they continued to be effective until weapons was developed which was able to defeat those walls. However as far as businesses and corporations is concerned, there can be no doubt that perimeters still has a very important role to play and likewise perimeter security in London is a very important part of the equation. As long as the perimeter is sound it could be assumed that the business is also secure.

How is this measure effective?


The moment a breach is discovered in a perimeter this is a clear indication that something is not right and that an investigation may be required. The assumption should be that someone has gained access to those premises and that their intentions may be criminal in nature because they have gained access by illegal means. Perimeter security in London should immediately do the necessary investigation and everything possible should be done to determine whether those criminals is still on the premises. If necessary perimeter security in London should contact law-enforcement for assistance in clearing up this matter. This is why frequent security patrols is necessary in order to ensure that that the perimeter has not been tampered with in any way.

Is all perimeters the same?


At a relatively small business there may only be a simple wire fence and one or two security guards watching over that property. However at a larger Corporation there may be a very sophisticated perimeter and there may be a dozen or more perimeter security in London officers which is patrolling that perimeter at regular intervals in order to ensure that no attempts is made to breach that perimeter. In most cases the visible presence of perimeter security in London will in itself act as an effective deterrent but there may be criminals who are extremely motivated to gain access to those premises and therefore they will do everything in their ability to defeat that perimeter and it will be the responsibility of perimeter security in London to prevent those criminals from succeeding.

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