Perimeter security in London (UK) – What is a perimeter?

Perimeter security in London (UK) –  What is a perimeter?

A perimeter is a wire fence or a brick wall which has been erected around a large Corporation or business and perimeter security in London will have the responsibility to ensure the integrity of such a perimeter to ensure that no breaches takes place which will allow criminals access to the premises. One of the most important aspects of security will always be access control because if you can keep unwanted elements outside you are immediately reducing the risk profile of a Corporation or business. However it makes no sense to have a sophisticated perimeter when there is no perimeter security in London officers who are patrolling that perimeter in order to ensure that it remains in an excellent condition and that it continues to be an effective crime barrier. A perimeter fence with no perimeter security in London officers to maintain the integrity of that perimeter will be of little value to a Corporation.

Is all perimeters the same?

Most definitely not, there are some low level businesses who will have a relatively simple wire fence perimeter which will mostly be more than effective to keep criminal elements out. Then there are also highly sensitive military installations which will require very sophisticated perimeters as well as highly trained perimeter security in London officers to ensure that important military secrets do not fall into the wrong hands. Likewise very large petroleum companies who have very large storage facilities will require sophisticated perimeter walls both to keep criminals and terrorists out as well as to contain possible spillage in the event of a leakage or other crisis. The use of perimeters goes back thousands of years to the time when ancient cities have used strong walls to protect their towns against enemy attacks.

What has to be done?

There is a Scripture that says, he who has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down without walls. Here we can clearly see that even in Biblical times the value of an effective perimeter was considered to be extremely important and that practice has continued into modern times and this is why perimeter security in London is so important to ensure that a perimeter fence remains in an excellent condition and that there is no opportunity for criminals to gain access to a business. Most private homes likewise have perimeters in the form of wire fencing or concrete walls in order to keep unwanted elements out.

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