Perimeter security in London (UK) – Why is a perimeter important?

Perimeter security in London (UK) – Why is a perimeter important?

I have been working at several high-risk installations which all required a high level of perimeter security to ensure the safety of those installations and in some cases the volatile materials which is stored there. One of these places had been a military aircraft manufacturing plant which because of its sensitive nature and because it was acknowledged as a national key point it required a very high level of perimeter security and therefore regular patrols has to be done to ensure the safety and security of this installation. I have also worked as a security manager at a large petroleum storage plant where millions of liters of flammable fuel was stored and once again this was a national key point installation which required excellent perimeter security to ensure that no acts of terrorism takes place as well as to protect the surrounding residential area in the event of a crisis.

Perimeters is extremely important

The specific level of perimeter security and the sophistication and cost of that perimeter will always be equal to the nature of the property or installation which it has to protect. In the case of a large petroleum storage facility concrete walls may be very costly but they are essential for two very important reasons, firstly to protect that installation against possible attack and secondly to protect people on the outside should any crisis situation developed which may potentially lead to loss of lives or personal injury. Naturally it will be senseless to have a perimeter if you do not have perimeter security personnel to ensure that such a perimeter is not breached in any way. Especially now with the Isis situation and the turmoil which is seen in some Middle Eastern countries it is important to secure national key points which is important for the security of this country.

What should therefore be done?

We need perimeter security in London personnel who understands the risks and who has been fully trained in all aspects of perimeter security and who understand which actions has to be taken to prevent such a perimeter from been breached. Even should such a breach occur they should be competent and experienced enough to contain that situation and to prevent or at least limit the amount of damage which may be committed on the property. Failure to do so could lead to catastrophic consequences which depending on the specific installation and in the event of nuclear installations could lead to the loss of millions of lives.

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