Police net ‘Mr Big’ of cyber crime

Police think they’ve captured ‘Mr Big’ of UK cyber crime after a gang stole £1.3 million from a Barclays branch in London; employing a simplistic KVM (keyboard video mouse) device.
The police apprehended 8 men last week that were thought to be linked with the theft, that took place last April at the Barclays branch in Swiss Cottage, North London; aged between 26 and 47, four of the men were accused at Westminster Magistrates Court with conspiracy to steal and conspiracy to perpetrate fraud through delusive representation. The additional four were discharged on bail pending further investigations.

“Most illegal gangs possess a leader; we think that we have today have put under arrest ‘Mr Big’ as part of this operation”, a police spokesman said the police believe that it is the upper level of this illegal network that’s been apprehended; each person filling a specialised function.

The accusation of the Barclays four followed quickly after the apprehension of twelve men earlier this month after an unsuccessful effort to steal from the Surry Quays, the southeast London branch of Santander. It, too, was approached by a man impersonating a security company IT technician using a KVM device.

It led to four men being accused of conspiracy to steal. The police coordinated raids on several locations in London and Berkshire. During the raids they impounded computing devices, money, jewellery, drugs and credit cards. The remaining 8 men were discharged on bail pending further investigations.

The police are associating the both raids, but conceive those apprehended in association with the Barclays heist are of a different calibre.

It was reported that both of the banks corporate security staff had allowed a man impersonating a maintenance technician to enter the branch computer. He then it is alleged that he attached a KVM gadget to attain remote admission to numerous corporate security London computers and to client financial accounts.

At Barclays, the felons transferred in the region of £1.3 million to various other accounts they had pre-designated beforehand; according to a police statement.
These raids have incited calls from various corporate security computer-generated crime experts that organisations throughout all sectors ought to make certain that they low tech access controls are put in place to their computing devices, and include advanced IT specialised controls.

A spokesman for Barclays Bank confirmed that they have recovered a substantial amount of the cash and that none of their clients had incurred any financial loss as a consequence of the thefts.

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