Private Detectives and Investigator

The first private detective
Eugène François Vidocq is widely recognized as the first real private detective and investigator who have become famous for the high number of crimes which he has solved. He has been involved in the detective trade from 1775 – 1857 and in that time he has managed to crack many cases. He was also a member of the French police. The establishment of formal investigation as a career is accepted to be the result of his initiative. He was also a soldier, a gambler and even a wanted fugitive before he became a private investigator. Many of his successes in the investigating trade were based on his previous experiences. It is rumored that his private life was filled with just as much intrigue and drama as his investigative career was. This man was extremely famous all over French for his success in solving spectacular cases. He was also well connected and many well-known personalities were counted among his personal circle of friends.
They were many well-known private detectives in history
Other well-known detectives in history were the freedom fighters which were a group of African-Americans who existed primarily to eradicate criminal activities from their community and who became famous for their success. Three of the members of this group of investigators were incarcerated for a total of 59 years for crimes which they did not commit. Therefore they exist primarily to fight racism and the wrongful imprisonment especially in the state of Texas. As a private detective and investigator group they have become very successful and that success can probably be ascribed to the very strong motivation which was a bone out of the personal experience of some of their members. Raymond C. Schindler was another remarkable private detective which started out as an insurance agent then moved on to become a typewriter salesman and even tried his hand at gold digging before finding his true passion as a private detective.
Some of the most successful detectives have strong motivations
It is a well-established fact that someone will always be more successful in a specific career choice when they are passionate about such a career and when they have some experiences in their lives which has become a driving force that inspires them to persist were other people would have given up. This is also true when it comes to private detectives and investigators and the more passionate and motivated such an individual is the more successful will they be in this critical profession.


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