Private Detective’s Examination

Nowadays, the market offers us a wide range of services of data collection. However, very often private detectives come up against the situation when the clients come to them with piles of information which doesn’t have any value or relevance as the data is only a compilation of all kinds of databases which are very often outdated and illegal.

According to a private detective, data collection is a very meticulous job which takes more than a day’s work and includes a wide range of checks of an individual or organisation. There is usually no obvious process for collecting the information and a lot of it is obtained indirectly. A private detective checks and double checks it a few times. It can take a few days to analyse the information, that’s why the report which has been done in a few hours will be incorrect in most of the cases. However, everything depends on what information and what amount of information the client wants to get.

Many private detectives and detective agencies work on collecting and exchanging different types of information. It is impossible to purchase the databases used by detectives on the market just because the information which has been collected manually is of great value.

Let’s take the following situation from practical experience as an example. A manager of an organisation which sells printed goods contacted a private detective. The company was planning to expand the retail network in one of the London areas but taking into account the price of the potential premises he decided to find out what is the level of attendance of the shopping premises before signing a contract. Firstly, a private detective gathered all the information about the same type of shopping premises in a specified area and the information about the area where the shop will potentially be situated.

A private detective has undertaken all the necessary measures which resulted in the following:

–    The approximate turnover of the shopping outlets which sell printed goods (the turnover was approximate but could help to make a decision)
–    The analysis of the customers performance;
–    The price survey of the opponents and the service quality check;
–    The check of the owner of the premises in order to identify a potential risk.

As a result, all the measures taken helped to know the real state of the things in this sphere of the market. At the same time the private detective found out the information about the owner of the premises which cannot be found in any pirate databases.

It is worth mentioning that detectives also provide a wide range of services, the most popular of which is considered to be the surveillance of the husband or wife. Spying after other members of the family, especially after teenagers is popular as well.

Spying after staff of large and small companies plays a great role in the work of detectives. The managers often want to make sure that their staff are not the spies of their opponents. Another reason is to make sure that their employees are not addicted to drugs or gambling as high positions usually involve working with large amounts of money.

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