Private security in London (UK)

Why is this necessary?


There are many criminals that is seeing private properties in London and surrounding areas as easy targets which could produce many things which can be easily converted to cash and this is why private security in London is increasingly used to protect people and property. There are many things in the brains of humans that could trigger criminal behavior such as the neurotransmitter Serotonin which has been proven to have an effect as far as criminal behavior is concerned. It is also well known that the male hormone testosterone is strongly linked to aggression while Omega 3 is well-known as a substance that could reduce aggression. Several studies has been done which has clearly shown that poor nutrition among very small children could lead to higher levels of aggression. Many of this people have close encounters of private security in London at one time or another.

What about human emotions?


The human emotions is also a strong motivator when it comes to criminal activity and the part of the brain which is associated with emotions is called the Amygdala. Researchers suspect that damage to this area of the brain could lead to criminal behavior and it is very possible that many of the people which is encountered by private security in London may suffer from such an affliction. Such a person would have significantly reduced exposure to emotions such as fear and therefore they will be very bold to commit criminal activities because they are not afraid of the consequences. It can be clearly seen that crime prevention is never a simple matter but there is a whole range of things which has to be considered by law enforcement and by private security in London.

What about memory?


There is a part in the human brain where memories is stored which is called the Hippocampus. Research have shown that when damage occur to this area people are unable to remember punishment for previous crimes and therefore they will repeat those same mistakes over and over again. This is why private security in London often encountered the same criminals year after year. This same is true when damage has occurred to the frontal cortex which is very closely related to self-control and if this area has been damaged this could likewise lead to a reduced capacity for self-control among criminals which could once again bring this people into contact with private security in London.




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