Private security in London (UK)

What is the function of security guards?


The primary function of private security in London is to prevent criminal actions from taking place and they do this by maintaining a visible presence which should in most cases be more than sufficient to discourage any criminals. Unlike the law enforcement officer who will be required to respond to all criminal offenses which is in contradiction of legislation, the private security in London officer will be primarily responsible for that property where they are working. They are not responsible for things that happens outside of the boundaries of those premises. I have once found myself in a situation where I was working at a self-storage business where the vacant property next door belonged to the same owner and they were furious because I failed to respond to actions which took place on the vacant property. I did however inform the owner by telephone.

What should security do?


The primary responsibility of all private security in London officers is to protect property and the people on those properties because the primary responsibility of security guards will always be to prevent any criminal activity from taking place. Therefore when no criminal activities takes place while that private security in London officer is on duty then this can be taken as an excellent sign that the job has been well done and that such an security officer was a vigilant and observant. It is also an excellent sign that such a security guard has remained visible for the major part of their shift and they have therefore succeeded in discouraging any criminal actions on the part of criminals.

What else could be done?


Private security in London should always be fully aware of what is happening on the premises for which they are responsible but also what is happening in the immediate vicinity of that property. It is important that such a security guard should know when any suspicious persons approach the premises when they are working. This will require excellent hearing in the event that a motor vehicle is approaching. The important thing is that such a private security in London officer will remain alert at all times and they must continue to observe and they must be very careful of any attempt by criminals to divert their attention. Sometimes it will be an excellent idea to wait a bit when suspicious sounds is heard just to ensure that nothing else is taking place on the opposite side of the premises.


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