Professional security in clubs and restaurants

Professional security of entertainment and food establishments including the security of youth centres, discos, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, night clubs and casinos in Moscow and Moscow region is one of the main type of activities for security companies.

Places which have entertainment or leisure orientation (including some food establishments) are considered to be the places of mass attendance which increases the high risk of danger for the people who spend their time there. The dangers for visitors can be different – from street crime, infliction of light bodily injuries, property damage and stealing of property to emergency cases such as fire, assault related to robbery, acts of terrorism, sabotage, hostage taking and so on. In addition to that, large youth centres and discos are at high risk for the rise of panic and mass riots between various social and cultural population groups, fans, and aggressive youth groups involving alcohol or even drugs.

Entertainment establishments are magnets for different types of crime from pickpockets to serious criminal gangs. Some people want to lay their hands on the profit of a prestigious business. Others want to lay their hands on inattentiveness of the guests or even affect public opinion. The inner atmosphere of these places helps people to relax, have a rest, have fun, and forget about their problems so they often don’t even notice the situation around. Even small criminal cases in entertainment establishments are very dangerous as they can lead to panic, crowding, injuries and other disastrous consequences.

Furthermore, quite often emergency evacuation can be a problem because of the features of the layout and functions of the entertainment establishment. It is also worth taking into account the fact that bars, restaurants and night clubs are public places where any incident can quickly become well-known and can have huge consequences such as guaranteed public attention or can even create a negative reputation of the place for many future years.

It is not a secret that a lot of visitors judge the prestige of a place by the appearance and manners of the security guards. Impressive professional security can easily prevent the place not only from potential hooligans and criminals but also offer confidence of the safety for visitors and finally influence on the attendance and the ratings. That’s why there are special requirements for bodyguard’s work in restaurants and entertainment establishments. Nowadays, these places require not only usual bouncers. The people required for this job should be real diplomats, capable to prevent and accommodate conflicts, spot threats in a correct way, take the hooligans away from the place and help to avoid turmoil and panic in emergency situation.

A security guard should not only be dressed smartly but also be intelligent, moderately strict, emotionally suppressed, polite and tactful with people. Our company takes into account all of these requirements while recruiting and training security guards for night clubs, bars and restaurants.

Face-control and checking all the belongings of the visitors are the most important procedures for entertainment establishments. The less potential lawbreakers (drunk people, people who don’t dress appropriately, aggressive and suspicious people) and the less forbidden things (cold steel and fire arms, alcohol, drugs, inflammables and explosives) that get into the place, the calmer and more joyful the night is. The most important thing here is not to go too far and to remember that each visitor is first and foremost a client of the establishment and the security guard should be supremely tactful and polite as the wrong impression on the entrance can spoil the visitor’s mood and change his wish to come back here again.

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