Protect your Business with London Security Guards

Corporate Security

London being the financial centre with hundreds of corporate businesses in the capital it is regrettably it’s no surprise that business offices in London are a haven for the determined criminal intent on benefitting on your hard work and investment. One Staff Solutions will make certain that you’re never without defensive measures whenever required, combining our services to ensure your ultimate protection. Perceiving the various difficulties business enterprise face daily, we’ll provide guards at entrance points ensuring that only those  authorised are allowed admittance. Our guards can even carry out concierge duties. Rendering you with a strategic response that not only comprises of an ultimate degree of protection; you can rest assured that our security plan will encompass many of our specialised corporate security services.


Retail Security

Retail larceny represents among the most frequently perpetrated crime in the United Kingdom, and London is not immune to this. With its very diversified and exclusive retail sectors it doesn’t elude the unpleasant outcome of such crimes. Since retail outlets are frequently established in prominent buildings, opportunistic criminals are able to integrate with honest shoppers and hide very well in order to perpetrate their conceived unlawful behaviour, it’s essential that you decide on experienced and professional  retail security guards that you acknowledge are able to provide a planned deterrent ensuring that nowhere is left unprotected. As a visual prevention against illegal activities, retail security guards can maintain surveillance on your business, 24/7, whilst as well having the proficient know-how to providing multi task capabilities. This can include remote surveillance systems to mobile security guards, our multi task service will maximise protection. At an amazingly competitive cost to you.

Industrial and Construction Security

London with many large corporate warehouses and storage facilities, to the immense building programs; leaves it susceptible to planned criminal attacks on its industrial and construction industries. Apart from its financial district; London’s thriving construction programs depends on these for a significant portion of it’s economic growth. Bearing these in mind, an infringement into your security could set your business back substantially; detrimental not merely to your finances, but to safeguard your premises, your staff and clients; industrial and construction site guards are paramount to assure the protection of your contractors and staff, not to mention your valuable merchandise, machinery and equipment.





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