Residential murders

Many people are murdered within their own home
People are simply too trusting and they automatically assume that their homes are impenetrable and that nothing bad could possibly happen within their own home. The murder statistics for 2014 in the UK showed that over 500 people were murdered and many of those victims were innocent bystanders that were not involved in any criminal activities. What could be done to reduce these horrifying statistics and to ensure that families are once again safe in London? You have to regularly evaluate the family home to ensure that your home are really safe and are able to keep criminals outside. Outside doors should be fitted with high quality locks that should be able to resist attempts by criminals to gain entrance. You should especially ensure that you fit locks that are bump key resistant. A bump key is a key which could unlock any door in that template range. This is a fact which has been well known for many years but which are not always known by the public
Think like a criminal
When you evaluate the security of your home you should think like a criminal. Thousands of homes are broken into every year and articles are stolen which are valued at millions of dollars. In the process many innocent people are murdered often just because they are deemed as possible witnesses which could identify those criminals. Many homeowners make use of large dogs thinking that such an animal will be an effective deterrent that will discourage criminal action. Unfortunately many criminals are animal lovers and are able to befriend even the most vicious dogs in a remarkably short time. Many of them will even carry dog treats with them which they will feed to animals where ever they are encountered.
Very few alarm systems is foolproof
Many people are murdered in homes that have commercial quality alarm systems which are quickly disarmed by criminals which are knowledgeable about most electrical systems. Homeowners should never rely on only one system but rather they should have at least two or three systems to protect their homes. A human life cannot be measured in financial terms and therefore when it is within your ability to afford sophisticated security systems then by all means have such systems installed because doing so might just save the life of one of your family members. Never compromise when it comes to the safety of your family.

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