Residential Security in London

We are surrounded by criminals
The uncomfortable reality is that crime is not some distant or alien problem that only impacts us when we step out of line or when we break the law or when we associate with the wrong people. Criminals and their negative activities are something which is all around us. A 19-year-old man was visiting my daughter on Saturday and on his way home he was stabbed with a knife seven times and that for an old mobile phone and a packet of cigarettes. Both his lungs were punctured and his right arm was seriously damaged and although extensive surgery was done yesterday all of the damage could not be repaired. He will now have to return to the hospital in three months’ time for additional surgery. Our residential areas are simply not safe anymore and that’s why residential security in London has become a vital necessity without which people will be significantly more vulnerable.
Security starts at home
No amount of residential security will be completely efficient if the inhabitants of a specific home are careless about a security. Such a family and a property will be an irresistible target for criminals because of their attitude towards security. That’s why there are some basic things which a family has to abide by in order to lay the groundwork for the security of that family. Although additional residential security in London will be able to contribute significantly with their mere presence in the area they will have very little impact when a specific family are failing to cooperate and are acting irresponsibly thereby making themselves targets for criminal activity. Unfortunately statistics regarding residential crime along with physical injury and loss of valuable property are something which is all too common in the residential neighborhoods in and around London.
Especially young ladies have to take care
A couple of months ago there were several reports in the local newspapers regarding the increased attacks on female commuters especially on the rail transport systems. Such female commuters also have to be careful when they walk between the railway stations and their places of residence and it is preferable that they remain in a group or walking with at least one other person in order to reduce their chances of becoming targets. There can be no doubt that residential security in London will make a definite impact upon the areas where they are visible and just by being visible they are an effective deterrent against criminal activities.

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