Residential Security in London

All residents have to cooperate
A couple of years ago I was living in a Street that dead-ended against an open field and 100 m further was a railway line. Because of criminal activities in the area a security fence was erected at the end of the street to keep criminals out of the residential area. Unfortunately the resident staying in the right-hand corner next to the security fence decided to replace his old wire fence with a more modern one. Therefore they proceeded to take down the old fence which was not immediately replaced with the new fence. This resulted in a situation where criminals was able to enter the residential area through this unfenced property. Naturally this did not help with security in the area and many residents suffered due to theft and illegal entry to property. This is why residential security in London can only be truly effective when all residents are working together.
An old Boer general said unity is strength
He also said division causes many problems and this is exactly what will happen in a residential area where there are rebels that only care about their own selfish needs and will simply not bother to look out for the well-being of other residents. In such an environment many problems could arise which could lead to damage to property and even physical injury. This is not the ideal situation in order to ensure effective residential security in London. It always helps when the community elect trustworthy people who could be in charge of security with in such a residential area. They could then also partner with a reliable security company which may be able to provide additional security officers in order to substantially increase the security in a specific residential area.
Security is primarily a community problem
The more effectively a community can work together the less problems will be encountered and the more secure will that the residential area be. Having properly trained residential security in London officers that are visible in a residential area can drastically reduce criminal statistics within such an area., Criminals will rather target an area where the risk of capture is lower. It is a foolish criminal that operates in an area where residential security are maintaining a visible presence. No criminal will be comfortable under those conditions and therefore they will rather go to a residential area where they can engage in their activities without being observed.

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