Retail Security in London

It’s not always easy to identify possible shoplifters
Contrary to popular belief it is not people who are obviously poor and badly dressed who are the most viable candidates to be shoplifters. A poorly dressed person that is smelling of alcohol will immediately draw a whole lot of negative attention and will undoubtedly be watched very closely by retail security in London officials. But the true shoplifters are those individuals who understand the art of blending into the crowd. These people look just like your average run-of-the-mill shopper and they also act exactly like a normal shopper. They know exactly how to analyze the level of security in any specific shop. They will mostly be able to identify camera locations within a shop and will know exactly what to do to remain as unobtrusive as possible. They are exactly the kind of individual whom the average person will never suspect as a viable candidate to be a shoplifter.
That’s why training and experience is not negotiable
Retail security in London officials are people who have been extensively trained in all aspects relating to retail security and many of them have years of experience in identifying and in dealing with shoplifters and they are not deceived by the innocent behavior of those criminals. To a well trained and experienced retail security officer absolutely every person entering into that shop is a potential suspect and they will watch everyone as closely as possible. However when suspicious behavior is suspected they will not rush in and make a scene but rather they will do everything possible to handle the situation as discreetly as possible to prevent any disruptions in the shopping of other customers. Such a person will then be taken to a secure location where they may be subject to a body search and some cross-examination.
It’s not how many criminals are apprehended but how the situation is handled
The human race has arrived at a curious crossroad in human evolution where the harsh handling of criminals are frowned upon and society are very anxious to protect the rights of criminals. This places retail security in London officials in a very peculiar position since they are expected to prevent shoplifting at all costs but they cannot be too harsh and they cannot do anything that would provoke the wrath of human rights activists. Doing so would cause outrage and might create a whole lot of unnecessary problems for the business which has been responsible for employing that retail security officer.

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