Retail security in London

Preventing shoplifters from taking off with your merchandise
There are many things which has to be considered in order to avoid a situation where shoplifters take stuff from your shelves and then attempt to leave without paying. One of the methods which are implemented by many shop owners is the use of plain clothes security officers. These people who are often provided by Retail security in London companies have been specifically trained to blend in with the crowd in order to be as inconspicuous as possible. Shoplifters are less likely to be troubled by the presence of someone who for all purposes appear to be just another shopper. Many shop owners have a no mercy approach to shoplifting and therefore every possible perpetrator are arrested on the spot and charges are pressed against those people. The reasoning is that the more criminals which are apprehended make it less likely that other shoplifters will try the same thing.
It is important to act within the constraints of the law
A civilian arrest is something which could have serious consequences if shop owners and their retail security in London personnel do not comply with the relative legislation which apply to the apprehension of criminals. You may have an interest in seeing your business prosper and therefore one of your most pressing needs is to see that criminal activities are reduced as much as possible. This is entirely okay as long as you ensure that you fully comply with the legislation which are used to regulate the apprehension of criminals. You should clearly understand that any person who are apprehended wrong fully will be fully entitled to pursue that matter in a court of law and even by means of a civic law suit. Such claims for wrongful arrest and defamation of character can be very costly and therefore criminals should only be apprehended if it is 100% certain that they are guilty of shoplifting.
Some important guidelines
There should be irrevocable evidence of the shoplifter approaching your merchandise. Likewise it should be clearly observed how the shoplifter select the specific product and then there should be absolutely no doubt that there were a clear attempt by the shoplifter to hide the specific product or to obtain that product in a dishonest fashion. Retail security in London personnel are specifically trained for this purpose. Once all of these things have been properly ascertained it is absolutely vital to keep this person under close observation and it must be proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the shoplifter had absolutely no intention at all to purchase the product legally. The shoplifter must only be approached once he has left the shop and the specific product must be discovered in his possession.

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