Retail security in London (UK)

What should people know?


The retail industry is a very important contributor to the overall economy of the UK and this is why retail security in London is so important in order to ensure that this industry is protected as effectively as possible, against any form of criminal activity. A study which has been done in 2013, clearly shows that shoplifting is at its highest levels in nine years and this is placing a tremendous burden on the profitability levels of many retail businesses. This is a situation which cannot be allowed to continue unopposed because everything is affected by the impact of crime. The revenue which is lost because of criminal activity has to be recovered from somewhere and it is mostly the consumer which will become the victims of criminal activity.

Is crime statistics accurate?


Many citizens of London will assume that it is, but in fact many businesses do not even the report criminal activity because they are only too aware of the fact that law enforcement officers, is mostly inundate by complaints from businesses and this results in very long response times and this is another reason why retail security in London is becoming increasingly popular, because they are already present at the scene of the crime. According to some people who know the true facts only about 10% of all retail crimes is ever reported, because despite the best efforts of law enforcement, retail businesses is beginning to lose hope and this is why there is an increasing interest in a retail security in London officers, because these professionals is well-trained in all aspects of crime prevention.

What is the cost of criminal activity?


According to statistics, the impact of retail related crimes in 2013 alone amounted to more than 500 million pounds. Statistics clearly indicate that there has been a substantial increase in the amount of retail related crimes in the last decade and the burden on law enforcement has become unbearable and this is why retail security in London is increasingly used to combat retail crime. According to statistics as many as 82% of all retail crimes is actually committed by customers, which is the highest percentage in a very long time and this is a huge concern for business owners. This is why retail security in London officers has to be on duty on the premises in order to discourage customers from engaging in criminal activity.

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