Retail security in London (UK)

Retail security in London (UK) – How large is the shoplifting problem globally?

Most people think that one out of 1000 shoppers may take one small item which is having almost no effect upon the profits of a business, but retail security in London knows that this assumption is not true. According to carefully conducted research on the global retail industry it has been determined that shoplifting has actually cost the consumer $104.5 billion in the past year. These losses has resulted in what is known as hidden tax on consumers which amounted to $229 per household in each of the 36 countries which was involved in this survey. The reality is shoplifting has a real impact upon every individual citizen and if shoplifting is allowed to continue this will continue to affect the standard of living of every citizen because those costs has to be recovered in some way and this is mostly done by increase in product prices.

Will things get better?

This same research mentioned above also indicate that there was a decrease in the amount of products which has been sold over the last 12 months because of a slow economy and this is expected to lead to an increase in shoplifting with could put further pressure on the consumer. All of these facts clearly show why retail security in London is critically important not to watch every shopper with suspicious eyes but to actually put some money back into the pocket of the consumer, money which would otherwise have been lost to crime. This is why it would be really helpful if the consumer could support retail security in London officers and do not be sorry for shoplifters but do the right thing and expose them and in this way contribute to a healthier economy.

Does retail security really work?

The above research has clearly indicated that in countries such as the UK as well as the US where the retail industry has made large investments to help with loss prevention through the training of a retail security personnel and by investing in crime prevention technologies there has been a considerable decrease in the amount of successful shopliftings. This should be good news to the consumer showing clearly that retail security in London is really having a positive impact on the economy and is actually saving the consumer a lot of money. The next time you walk past a retail security in London officer stop and show some appreciation for the important work which this people is doing.











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