Retail security in London (UK)

How to contain the situation?


Retail security in London is fully aware of the fact that when criminals such as shoplifters get away with their criminal activities then this can reach a point where a retail business will struggle to remain profitable and this can lead to many problems. A recently conducted research project in the US has revealed that over $35 billion has been lost in 2008 due to things such as shoplifting, employee theft, administrative errors and vendor fraud. Retail security in London have to do everything possible to prevent shoplifting. Thousands of shoplifting incidents takes place every single year with in the UK and combined with instances of employee theft this can accumulate, placing a heavy burden on the economy of the UK since that money which has been lost could have been spent on important community projects.

What should security do?


Experts in the loss control industry know that retail security in London officers is needed which has been very well-trained so that they will know how to recognize shoplifters and other criminals. Shoplifters and especially those who are new to the business will always avoid eye contact with other customers. They will appear nervous and they will walk around without any sense of purpose or direction. Experienced retail security in London officers will know to pay attention to customers who enter the shop, then leave only to return a couple of minutes later. Sometimes this will happen several times. Then there are also those shoplifters who will remain in a specific area of the shop which is remote and which could not be easily monitored.

How should security act?


Retail security in London should remain alert and vigilant and they should be fully aware of what sections of that shop is most likely to be targeted by shoplifters. It is especially those customers who seem to be hanging around without actually selecting products which should then be approached by retail security in London and they should be asked whether they require any assistance. It is important that security guards will greet every customer that comes into the shop and also those whom they meet while patrolling. All information regarding suspicious persons should be shared with other security officers and also with management. Every retail shop should also display a sign which clearly states that all shoplifters will be prosecuted. Everything possible has to be done to eliminate the evil of shoplifting.


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