Retail security services in London (UK) – Is the retail picture really that bad?

Retail security services in London (UK) – Is the retail picture really that bad?

One only has to do a little research online in order to come to the same conclusion as retail security services in London, that criminal activities is having a drastic impact on the retail industry in London as well as the rest of the UK. The losses which were suffered by the retail industry because of criminal activities has exceeded 600,000,000 pounds during the last year. Apparently criminal organizations are focusing primarily on goods which has a high value and among these things is alcohol, technological gadgets and also designer clothing which is things which can be easily resold. Retail security services in London is fully aware of the fact that there has been an 18% increase in retail related crime which is a very worrisome statistic because this is the highest which retail crime has been in a decade.

More sophisticated criminals

The retail industry is spending millions of pounds each year on tagging devices and other electronic detection mechanisms but as soon as these things are introduced criminal gangs find a way to neutralize those technologies by using things such as de-taggers and foil lined bags which is very successful in neutralizing expensive and sophisticated detection mechanisms which is used in the retail industry. Retail security services in London has seen for themselves how many shoplifters manage to beat the system. It is also a well-known fact that as much as 40% of all retail related crimes is committed by criminal gangs who work together in small groups which makes it even more difficult for retail security services in London to succeed with their prevention efforts.

What can retail businesses do?

It is abundantly clear to retail security services in London that the retail businesses is increasingly targeted by criminals and this is also becoming very clear in the available statistics which has been collected. 81% of retail related crime could be traced back to shoplifting. Shoplifting alone results in a loss of over 240,000,000 pounds annually. Another problematic issue which is often encountered by retail security services in London is the issue of employee theft which amounts to 6% of the entire shoplifting problem. This is why retail security services in London has to remain totally vigilant, disciplined and they have to do their work with a large amount of patience since this is the only way to succeed in the prevention of shoplifting and other retail related crimes.






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