Customised retail security measures

With the unsettled economical climate, soaring figures of people out of work and in some cases a diminished desire to seek employment; the retail business has become unprotected. Many are today reverting shoplifting. There is now an increasing requirement to combat this issue. If the situation continues at its present trend, financially your business will suffer and will outweigh the cost of engaging a reputable company that are able to offer experienced and professional retail security guards. Shoplifting is a serious violation that affects retail businesses in general.

We shall ensure that you’ve have customised retail security measures in place that will combat shoplifting and enforce our loss prevention methods; keeping your merchandise from thieves and vandals.

The benefits of engaging One Staff Solutions for your retail security could be summarised in a few words; dependability, professionalism, experience and importantly, affordable.

Maintaining a secure and protected surroundings is crucial when establishing confidence with clients and customers. By placing a professional retail guards adjacent to entry and exits inside the premises, will instil confidence in your customers and professionalism to your establishment or retail outlet. As well as deterring any individual from perpetrating any acts of shoplifting. Our retail security guards can also assist in customer enquiries and as they are all multi skilled are able to deal with any emergency; such as dealing with minor fires and general first aid.

What is more important in any successfully run business than its staff and customers? Our retail security guards are available to customers if there should there be an emergency. It is essential that the stores staff and our security guards work as a team. This will not only build up confidence between the guards and staff reducing the possibility of theft and shoplifting.

Whilst it’s unrealistic to be in everyplace at one time, but with our sophisticated modern in store or remotely operated surveillance systems we can do just that. Tracking and recording suspicious behaviour.  Protecting your retail outlet, products, staff and clients is what we do best.

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