Safe and secure

Each one of us needs to feel secure whilst going about our shopping. A lack of security can dissuade potential customers from shopping in particular stores. Retailers are very aware of this and many are putting in place a range of strategies and systems to address the problems; to ensure customers feel safe and keep coming back.

There is no doubt that retail crime is very costly to retailers. Retailers must provide security systems to protect their customers and property. Abusive conduct, criminal damage, shoplifting and pilferage by employees; can generate an menacing environment for shoppers.

There are many ways to tackle the increasing problems. Retailers are aware of the problems and they’re unconvinced that they’ll ever go away. Keeping their retail stores safe for their customers is an ongoing process and will remain a constant challenge.

The British Retail Consortium, in its survey that the overall toll of retail crime in the United Kingdom, during the years 2009 and 2010 was in the region of £1.1bn. Theft being the highest portion of this; the British Retail Consortium report indicates that up to two million incidents of retail crime and staff pilferage occur each year and believes that only portion incidents are reported. It is without doubt that retail security continues to be a priority issue for all retail establishments.

Tough times?

The financial slump can be partially blamed for the continuing incidences in retail stealing and is partially motivated by a supposed driving force to preserve lifestyles.

Many retailers are utilising open merchandising, as many of their customers wish to closely inspect and feel the product they are considering to buy. But of course if products are out on display and not out of reach; they are more available to shoplifters.

New techniques with innovative monitoring systems are available to assist in tackling retail security, but the most dependable techniques in resolving a problem is staff training and engaging a reputable retail security company being the most obvious. Employees need to be vigilant and recognise what to expect from shoplifters and in fellow workers behaviour to look out for staff pilfering.

The right reputation

Many modern and technically advanced security systems are now being utilised to assist in combating retail crime; large department stores in London and throughout the UK, link their camera surveillance to security alarm at the exits, a photo is recorded of a suspected shoplifter. Staff training is proving to be so effectual, that it’s not merely hi-tech systems that are helping resolve the problems.

An in store challenge

Employee pilfering has been calculated to cost almost 6% of all retail crime, according to the BRC report, registered offenses had increased by almost 70%.  There is some good news however; BRC states that many retail establishments are committing additional funding within their budgets to combat and detect retail crimes within their stores. Utilising sophisticated security detection software, the significance is that retail crime is being observed more easily.

Employees are many times subjected to various threats over 17,500 cases of verbal or physical abuse during the year of 2010; this problem seems to be escalating rather than diminishing. There are many challenges facing retailers; and to combat the increasing threat of retail crime; is to implement a robust retail security regime and a tenacious attitude to rid our stores of criminals. Keeping retail outlets safe is a long-term issue, and retailers will need a range of strategies to combat this difficult problem. The solution possibly is for stores to work in partnership with the local police force.

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