Security companies in central London

What is the situation?


This area has a population of 8600 and is often referred to as London’s square mile and it is the responsibility of security companies in central London as well as the city of London police to maintain law and order in this area. The problem with this area is that so many people come into central London on a daily basis and according to statistics this means an additional 350,000 commuters as well as large numbers of tourists and other travelers. This is one of the few areas in the surroundings of London where antisocial behavior is not number one of the list of reported crimes. The crimes which is most reported here is in the category of other theft which is reported 1300 times annually. Security companies in central London do everything possible to keep this numbers down.

What about other crimes?


Violent crimes is the second most reported crime in central London and it is reported over 800 times annually. This is followed by shoplifting and antisocial behavior. The central parts of London consist of many businesses and corporations and therefore there is always a high number of people moving in and through this area which is why security companies in central London is necessary in order to ensure that people is protected. There is also a lot of tourism in the area and everyone knows that tourism is a very important part of the economy because it generates a lot of profits annually which is very important for economic growth and this is why security companies in central London will have to do everything in their ability to secure the area.

How can this be accomplished?


It is an indisputable reality that the general public can do a lot more to combat crime. Criminals are unlikely to commit illegal activities in the presence of security companies in central London but they often commit crimes before other citizens and it is important that even the smallest offenses is reported to the proper authorities so that those matters can be investigated and that perpetrators can be punished. People need to be educated regarding the consequences of crime and also the impact which it is having on the economy of London and the UK. There is still a lot which has to be done in this area and security companies in central London is very important to keep this area as safe as possible.




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