Security Drivers in London

Transporting valuable cargo
Back in the 1980s I was a member of the railway police in South Africa and was stationed at Jan Smuts airport. About 40 km away in a town called Springs is a well-known platinum producer and a lot of those platinum was exported often by aircraft. The railway police had their own bulletproof vehicle which were used for the transportation of valuables and on about a dozen occasions I was involved in this excursions involving the transportation of that platinum. I have never been comfortable with the idea of putting myself at risk in order to ensure that property which belongs to someone else are kept as safe as possible. This is something which security drivers in London are doing every single day of their lives. Every cash in transit vehicle will always be a temptation to criminals who is on the lookout for easy money.
Two things are vitally important training and experience
There are so many factors which has to be considered during a normal cash in transit operation. In a busy town which are known for frequent traffic congestion it could be almost impossible to keep track of all the possible suspicious vehicles surrounding the cash in transit vehicle. Catastrophe is something which could strike at any moment with almost no warning. This is why security drivers in London are extensively trained and at least twice annually they have to attend a refresher course in order to ensure that they are aware of the newest technologies and the new threats which have been identified within the industry. In many cases it is this training which are allowing them to deal with hazardous situations which are encountered.
Violent criminals do not hesitate to murder
Many of this people simply have no conscience whatsoever and the loss of life in order to achieve their objectives is merely like a walk in the park for them. Well-trained security drivers in London are fully aware of the risks and the consequences when they are engaged in a cash in transit operation. There are even a few veterans in the industry who has survived not because of some extraordinary skill or personal talents but simply because they have learned to be cautious and never to take unnecessary risks. A wealthy man was once looking for a diver to transport his valuables and three divers applied for the position and two of them were bragging incessantly about their driving skills while the third applicant referred to himself as a cautious person and it does not require rocket science to guess who got the job.

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