Security drivers in London (UK)

What is happening in cash in transit?

Thousands of security drivers in London is reporting daily for their duties as cash in transit employees, which is without a doubt one of the most dangerous security positions anywhere on the planet. The fact of the matter is that these professionals is placing their lives on the line every day, in order to protect the money and other valuable possessions of other people. Many of them has given their lives to this industry and therefore just like heroes on the battleground, these individuals should also receive recognition when they successfully protect the property of businesses against criminal attack. There are many aspects of security drivers in London and many of them are involved in different operations, but none of them compare to the situations which is experienced by cash in transit workers.

What is happening in this industry?

Most banks and large businesses are now making use of security drivers in London and all that money is placed in very strong steel containers and likewise the motor vehicles which is used for cash in transit operations is mostly armored vehicles, which is able to deflect most small arms ammunition. Therefore it is not easy to get inside these vehicles unless it is possible to get that armored vehicle in a secluded area, where that criminals have sufficient time to breach that vehicle in order to lay their hands on the money. This can only be attempted when there are many armed criminals and they will also need explosives or other power tools to get inside that armored vehicle. Security drivers in London will do everything to protect that vehicle against attack.

What can be done?

Security drivers in London and especially those working in cash in transit, will be in constant radio communication with the control room and most of those vehicles will also have panic buttons which could be activated in the event of any problems. Most cash in transit drivers will remain on a specific and predetermined route as they travel from one client to another, because this ensures that assistance can be provided as quickly as possible, because the position of that vehicle is always known. However security drivers in London is fully aware, that there may also be situations where it is best to use alternative routes on different days of the week in order to confuse criminals and to make it as difficult as possible to plan an attack.

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