Security Guards in London

Security guards are often at risk
About four years ago I was an assistant security manager at a well-known security company and we had a contract at a large Corporation which were involved in the rolling stock business. One morning around 2 o’clock eight criminals with handguns held us at gunpoint, tied us up for over two hours and during that time they stole about 2 tons of copper. One of these criminals pressed a 9 mm pistol against my head and threatened to shoot me. The point I’m trying to make is that security guards are often putting their lives at risk while they are getting very little recognition for the risks which they are taking and despite all this potential danger they are very low on the compensation scale only slightly above the salaries which are being paid to unschooled labor. Most security guards in London have completed their school education and has been subjected to stringent security training before they are allowed to work within the security industry.
Security is an integral part of risk management
Without a business plan which are dealing as comprehensively as possible with risk management issues no business will ever be 100% successful. But think of the example above, 2 tons of copper converts to a lot of money and even if it only happens once every year it converts to a sizable financial loss. You can have the best management team available in the industry but if that managerial genius are not backed up by an effective security system a lot off losses will be encountered which will seriously decrease the profits levels of such a corporation or business. Companies which provide security guards in London are fully aware of the important role which they play in a risk management planning. Quite frankly if they were not aware of this issues they would not have been able to effectively provide in the needs of their clients.
Be realistic security is the first line of defense
When there are industrial actions like strikes it is the security who will be required to contain that situation and who must protect the property against possible damage and the personnel against physical injury. However while doing so they are putting themselves in harm’s way and therefore they are often the first ones to be injured when the situation gets out of hand. Companies who provide security guards in London are fully aware of this and therefore they will always provide the client with security officers who has been thoroughly trained and a sufficient portion of the security which are provided will be people with many years of experience with in the security industry.

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