Security Guards in London

What is a security guard?
The simple answer is that a security guard in London is a person who are compensated when they protect someone else’s property. They also protect people and many of them are employed by private individuals. In most cases such security guards are required to wear a specific type of uniform which will immediately identify them as people who are protecting property or people and these uniforms will also act as a form of deterrent against possible criminal activities. In most cases they are required to be visible in order to discourage all illegal activities. They may be required to guard a specific entrance to a property or they may be required to extensively patrol that the perimeter of such a property and in some cases they primary responsibility will be to observe the security systems which are available such as cameras or alarms. When any suspicious individuals are observed they will then take predetermined actions in order to prevent any damage to the property or injury to people.
The specific duties of a security guard
Four specific functions of a security guard in London has been identified and these are detect, deter, observe and report. In most cases making arrests are not typically a function which are demanded from security guards although they do have powers to make a civilian arrest and they may be called upon by law enforcement officers to assist in such situations. The most important function of a security guard is to prevent crime from happening and to act as a deterrent against criminal activities. Because of the increasing sophistication of organized crime all security guards are required by law to undergo intensive training in order to prepare them to be better prepared to deal with criminals. When the carrying of firearms are required such security guards will have to undergo specialized weapons training before they will be allowed to work with a firearm.
There is an ever increasing demand for security guards
Terrorist threats have increased sharply over the last couple of years and this has led to a situation where many security guards in London companies now have to provide bomb training to their personnel. This specialty is especially important in large shopping centers where innocent bystanders can easily become victims of terrorist activities. Quality of training is a very important factor in order to ensure that security guards are able to deal with as many situations as possible.

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