Security guards in London (UK)

What does people see?


The citizens of London see security guards in all shapes and forms and wearing different uniforms and insignia and some of these security guards in London is vigilant and disciplined and they are constantly on the move and they are unceasing in their search for criminal activity. But unfortunately there is also the other breed of security guards in London who seem to simply go with the flow and who just seem not to care what is happening around them and who sometimes even seem to collaborate with disputable characters. This is resulting in a lot of confusion for many people and this is causing them to be extremely distrusting regarding the entire security industry and some may even be wondering, whether security guards in London is serving any purpose at all.

What is the SIA?


The SIA otherwise known as the security industry authority is the organization which is responsible for the governing of the UK security industry and every company which is providing security guards in London is required by law to register with the SIA. Everyone seeking employment in the security industry has to complete a basic security training course, where after they will be registered with the SIA and all such a registered security personnel, then have to comply with the guidelines of the SIA. Any security guards in London who are not complying with the guidelines of the SIA could lose their SIA registration and they might even be prosecuted if there is any proof that they have been broken one or more of the laws of the UK. The SIA has made a huge difference in the security industry.

How can this help businesses?


It is important to ensure that security guards in London who are working at your business is actually SIA registered. That simply provides your business with at least some protection, should anything goes wrong which results in criminal activity, such as injury of people or damage of property. When using security guards in London which is not SIA registered as UK legislation requires, then such a business owner may be guilty of breaking UK laws and they could be prosecuted and civil lawsuits may even be registered against that business which in a worst-case scenario could result in the failure of that business due to the financial burden which has resulted from that incident.

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