Security of the office

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a London company without their office. Criminality exists everywhere and it doesn’t matter whether the office is located in a quiet community, an area of populous multi-storey buildings or among hundreds of offices. Thieves like it when there is no one in the office apart from expensive equipment and try to steal as much money as possible from the company. Stealing equipment from the company is not as bad as stealing its information which can cause numerous problems for the company. That’s why security of the office is usually set up straight away.

Thieves often like unprotected offices of large companies where there is a big flow of money. The managers of the companies such as banking branches or jewellery shops often take a risk and decide to save money on the security of their equipment and budget. They don’t protect their office and hope for a miracle. However, as the experience shows, these companies suffer more losses as they have to buy the stolen equipment and renew all the stolen documents again.

In order to protect the company from problems after office robbery, security agencies equip the offices with different security tools which can prevent and warn of a potential danger. They include security and fire alarms to inform the people who are in charge of the dangers which can occur in the office.

A CCTV system is also not an unusual thing in office security nowadays. This system can often help managers to find out about the infidelity of their staff and also record the thieves in the office. Windows with iron bars can also reduce the access of the thieves to the office by 90%.

The problem is that in most cases it is impossible to get a permit to place iron bars in London. Firstly, it is not allowed as it can spoil the image of the building. The council in any part of London keeps a close eye on any changes of the appearance of the building and won’t give a permit to make any changes.

It goes without saying that no matter how many security tools the office has, the presence of a security guard is necessary for any office. It is better to have a trained and real professional who can contact the authorities for a forthcoming crime and stop their actions, rather than having an elderly person as a security guard. A security guard who sits in a security station and sees all the people who enter and leave the office can inform the police of a forthcoming danger by pressing an alarm button.

However, regardless of all the security equipment which can or cannot be situated in the office, it is obligatory to use special safes for preservation of the important documents in the office. In most cases they can help to prevent the data leakage of the company and protect it from opponents and other ill-wishers. The office security is a complex of a so-called face-control of all the visitors, prevention from unauthorised robbery of documents and other property, high-tech and operational tools and systems which can help to prevent the organisation from robbery and observe the territory and premises after the working day.

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